Are we sacrificing our young to the pandemic?

What could be more morally compelling than the notion that every life is sacred and therefore, worth saving? This has been the view taken almost universally in Australia, indeed most of the world, since the beginning of the pandemic. Anyone publicly questioning…

Mitchell with his best buddy who stayed by his side during lockdown.

Mitchell Atanasovski, aged 23, was looking forward to finishing his double degree and travelling in 2020. COVID had other plans.

He found the first lockdown hard enough. A self-described extrovert, Mitchell thrives on being around other people and he felt extremely isolated.

His first major setback was when his graduation…

Australian journalists at risk of prosecution

Each of these three cases has two major elements in common: a high-profile defendant and intense public interest. The subject of each case holds a position of power in his respective profession. George Pell, as the highest ranked Australian Catholic, Ben Roberts-Smith, highly respected SAS soldier, and Geoffrey Rush, acclaimed…

And why we’re not talking about it.

Are we missing something?

On average, one woman a week is murdered by her current or former partner. Yet, even though we’ve had high profile awareness campaigns and new funding from the Federal Government to stop these killings, the statistics are still showing a very grim reality for Australian women. …

Kate McCarthy

Writer, publisher and content manager.

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